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The Diarizzz (formerly: The Norah Noizzze Diarizzz) are the Norah Noizzze two-piece band. Being the youngest Norah Noizzze project and active since mid-2013, there are currently several live activities going on and we plan to release new material as soon as possible while we develop as a band.

Norah Noizzze & Band are the Norah Noizzze three-piece band, which has currently (05/2013) become two-piece after our drummer has left us (still being a friend). We are now looking for a new drummer to re-establish our activities. Our debut album "Songs we can sell" has been released in 2012 by unrecords. Hopefully there are going to be new live activities soon and also recording activities in the future with a reformed band. Norah Noizzze & Band are active since 2008.

Norah Noizzze plugged to herself is Norah Noizzze all on her own, only with the help of some drum loops or stuff like that. Currently I do a live gig like this from time to time, but there are still no recordings (except demo recordings and obscure live recordings). Maybe because I just love to be in bands and tend to focus on them? :-) Norah Noizzze plugged to herself is active since 2007.



Maybe you have heard about some additional Norah Noizzze projects? Well, here are some names you might have heard on some occasion:

Norah Noizzze & The Boring Boyzzz: Norah Noizzze & Band have appeared for the beginning of one performance as an acoustic guitar trio. Our parody on singer-songwriter-style bands. What a fun it was!

Norah Noizzze Lab: Also a one-time appearance of Norah Noizzze & Band as an all-electronic trio, starting pre-programmed music loops on notebook computers with just one dramatic single keystroke and a lot of meaningful staring into the audience. Again: What a fun!

Thora Donner's Noizzze Theatre: Norah Noizzze plugged to herself when she doesn't want to be mixed up with another Norah Noizzze project. With the help of Norah Noizzze & Band's former drummer Aurora I have released a cover version of Iggy & the Stooges' "Little Doll" under that name for a " Tribute to Ron Asheton & the Stooges" sampler published by Chabane's Records. Without her help I have played a solo live show in Vienna as TDNT. Let's see when I am going to use that name again!

June 2013



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