The Diarizzz

The Diarizzz


It has been a nice summer party gig at Hautzendorf (in Lower Austria). But we were really surprised to hear somebody comparing us to The Human League. Don't you want us, baby? ;-) . And on the other hand one guy had the opinion: "Too much Hard Rock". What do we sound like? - Check it out in July at our next gig at the Pizzeria Anarchia. By the way: one interesting aspect of our live activities at the moment is that we always seem to play open air gigs.

We shorten our name to "The Diarizzz", in order not to be mixed up with "Norah Noizzze & Band". Currently we also do cover versions of several "Norah Noizzze & Band" songs, but our main focus is to develop, perform and record music created by and for "The Diarizzz".

We are online!

Trying to get our website up and running. And: We already have some follow-up-gigs! :-)

Our first gig at the "Internationaler Hurentag" ("International Whore's Day") - a solidarity gig for the rights of sex workers. We have enjoyed it, the audience seemed to enjoy it, too :-) .

2013-05-26 - 2013-05-31
Rehearsing like hell again!

We play a small set at the Jamhouse Vienna, after a shadow theatre show of "Peter and the Wolf" we are involved in: Daiva has played the duck, Norah has played with the stage lights.

2013-05-09 - 2013-05-25
Rehearsing like hell for our first gig on 2013-06-01. Some well-known and unknown Norah Noizzze material, but also a new song.

LEFÖ asks: Is Norah Noizzze ready to play a gig at the "International Whore's day"? Yes she is, but maybe not alone as "Norah Noizzze plugged to herself", like 2012. Norah's mate Daiva is ready to form a band with her, they call themselves "The Norah Noizzze Diarizzz".



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