The Diarizzz

The Diarizzz

Electric guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, a live-performance drum synthesizer and two voices: watch this amazing new band perform well-known, unknown and completely new songs by Norah Noizzze!




Punk. Grunge. Riot Grrrlzzz. Ladyfest Ladyzzz. DIY. The bands hanging around in the Ladyfest and feminist Indie music scene. New Wave. The less commercial part of Neue Deutsche Welle. The more psychedelic stuff of some end-60's-bands. The Plastic Ono Band. The Sparks. The B-52's. The Jesus and Mary Chain. Julie Ruin. Guitar feedbacks and synthesizer tunes. Screams. Comedy. Some Britpop. Yoko Ono. Also Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler and Kurt Tucholsky and Christian Morgenstern. Douglas Adams. Adrenalin. White noise. Buster Keaton. John Lennon. Our libido. Gary Larson. Josef Hader. Feminism. Ladyfest. Endorphins. The Simpsons. The queer movement. Helmut Qualtinger. LoFi bands. Pink noise. Georg Danzer. Some drugs. Being dissatisfied but ironic about it. And the city noises we listen to and enjoy. And the rage against a society that is not willing to give each of its members and non-members the same chances. And the dreams we dream ...
... we are going to influence all of them ;-) .




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